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Year 6 Home Learning Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning. Well the weather has changed today, it’s raining! That’s something we haven’t seen for a while.


English – Today we continue with what we were doing yesterday – writing our non-chronological report about Pandora.


You need to write about the animals on Pandora today. The animals are very different from here on Earth. They are all hexapods, this means they have 6 legs!


Describe the animals using the information from Pandora Discovered and your notes. e.g. Banshee. Direhorse, Viperwolf, Great Leonopteryx…


  • what they look like
  • How they move
  • Include  interesting adjectives/nouns.
  • Use similes and metaphors
  • Higher level punctuation  – ( ) : ;


You can write this on paper or on 2Write on Purple Mash


Maths – More on decimals today.

History – the 6th June 1944 was D-Day, it’s the anniversary this week. Can you work out how many years ago it was? (Who will be first to tell me in the comments?) 


But what was D-Day? Why do we still remember it today. The link below if you copy it carefully into Google will explain all about it or you could search for D-Day BBC Teach


You need to watch this video from the BBc Teach website (this is just a photo so you know which one to click on)



Make notes as you watch it.

Can you find out why it was called D-Day?

Is it really it’s name? Does it have a different name?

What happened on D-Day?

Why was it so important?

Tell me in the comments or write it on Purple Mash and send it to me


Maths answers