Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


A busy week in Year 5!

We have had a busy week in Year 5 with lots of exciting lessons. One of our favourite lessons this week was DT where we worked together to create homopolar motors. To do this, we had to bend copper wire in to the correct shape to balance on top of a battery. Then we added magnets to the bottom of our battery and placed our wire on top. The wire would then spin around as the electrical energy travelled through the wire. This lesson tested our fine motor, thinking, teamwork and perseverance skills.


Each day, in Year 5, we spend time on wellbeing activities. This week we have been carefully colouring our initials during our Doodle and Draw session. We have found this very relaxing and it has helped us to focus on our lessons.

We have also had a very active week as we started our weekly mile challenge. We are going to run a mile every week until we have completed the distance from school to the Angel of the North. Each week, we will try and improve our stamina.


Written by Year 5.


Here are some questions you might like to ask your children this week:


  • What was the hardest part of making a homopolar motor?
  • What do you know about Queen Victoria?
  • What have you been learning about in French this week?


Have a great week!


Miss Grey