Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


KS1 Playground Buddies

At Swalwell Primary we run a “Playground Buddy Scheme” where children from Year 6 can choose to enrol as a peer buddy to the children in Foundation Stage and KS1 during break and lunchtimes.

The aim of the scheme is to encourage children to be good role models and have a feeling of responsibility. It plays an important part in creating a safe, friendly, happy and peaceful atmosphere for children. 


What is their role?

  • To help all children to play cooperatively with each other

  • To help children resolve minor conflicts

  • Teach children to play games

  • To be a good listener when another child would like to talk

  • Help lonely children make more friends

  • Report any unkind things you see to an adult

  • Be available as a friend to all of the other children


Comments and views of some of our Playground Buddies:

“I like being a Playground Buddy because I like helping younger children and making them smile."

"It is my job to be a good role model because I am in Year 6.” 

“I really like the job and enjoy helping the children.” 

 “I am friendly and like to help people. I have a little brother so I know how to be a good role model because I know how to behave. I want to show the little children how to do it.”  

"I like to teach them how to get better at football. I think I'm getting better at football too."

“I wanted to be a Buddy because I am nice to younger children.”