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Year 4 Home Learning Wednesday 13th May

Good morning everyone 


Here is your work for today:


English – Yesterday I asked you to read the end of the Happy Prince. I also gave you a video link to a similar version of the story which you might like to watch again. I asked you to think about some ideas for your own version of the Happy Prince. Today, I would like you to spend some time planning your story. You can change any part of the story you would like.


You could do a story map, a written plan, a spider diagram or any other type of plan which you like. You are always very good at choosing your own planning style in class! Think carefully about the characters feelings at different parts of your story, the vocabulary/description you might include and any speech between your characters. Remember, the more you put in to your plan, the easier your writing will be.


Story map example:



Maths – Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at pictograms and bar charts. On my daily walk I collected the data below. Try and present this data in a pictogram or bar chart. This might be quite tricky but just try your best! You could either draw your chart in to you home learning book, use Purplemash or create a model of your chart using Lego or other material.


Science – Over the last few weeks we have been learning about sound and how it travels. I have been very impressed with the work I have been sent on Purplemash and Facebook!


Today I am giving you a Science challenge. I would like you to do some research using the websites below to answer to question “Why are some sounds high and some sounds low?” When you think you have an answer, send me an email on Purplemash explaining what you have found out! You might even want to recreate the experiment using glasses and water – but make sure you have an adult’s help if you do!




BBC video:




Have a great day!

Miss Grey