Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Kingswood Day 1

Year 6 are having the time of their lives during their first day at Dukeshouse Wood! 


After finding their dorm rooms and unpacking their suitcases, children tucked into a hearty lunch before setting off on their activities for the afternoon. 


The favourite activity of the afternoon was the 3G swing! Whilst two children are strapped to the swing, the rest of the group have to use all of their strength to pull the pair to the very top of the ropes! This required lots of teamwork and communication. Once at the top, the children in the swing pull the ripcord to release themselves and feel the G-force as they swing back and forth. From looking back at some of the videos, I'm surprised some of the screams couldn't be heard back in Swalwell! 


Next up, we took part in the nightline activity! Here, children are blindfolded and need to find their way through a muddy and wet obstacle course. This activity required children to heavily rely on the trust and support of each other to help each other navigate the course. I bet you can tell why we asked for all of those spare changes of clothes?!


We will upload another update with plenty of photographs and videos tomorrow! 


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