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Year 6 Home Learning Friday 24th April

Happy Friday everyone. One more day and then it’s the weekend!


English – Remember the title I gave you a few days ago: Mourning Dove. Here are some photographs from the story.

Look at these 3 images.

Can you tell the story?

What do you think is happening? Look for clues/hints hidden in the images

Who is in the story? What do you know about these characters using the clues?

Write a paragraph as an introduction. Remember great sentence starts, interesting vocabulary, use your senses, describe.

Maths – some more angle questions today. Some of these use a protractor (what we use to measure angles)

Now try these!

True or false? A clock reads 3 o’clock, are the hands of the clock are 90° apart?



How many degrees does the minute hand move in 1 hour?



How many degrees would the minute hand move in 1 minute?


We’ll do some more work on angles next week


Computing – Purple Mash. I’ve set some coding challenges for you to do. Remember to submit your work so that I can mark it for you


History/Reading – I’ve set the World War 2 book Buster’s Blitz for you to read on Purple Mash. Try to read a chapter each day and then answer the quiz questions to go with each chapter to check you’re understanding. See if you can work out what the Blitz is/was? You’ll need this for next week

Have a great weekend and stay safe.


Maths answers to clock questions

This is true if we measure clockwise but false if we measure anticlockwise (270°) 

In a full hour the minute hand would travel through 360°


If the minute hand makes a full turn each hour and we know there are 60 minutes per hour, we can calculate that the minute hand passes through 6° per minute, because 360° ÷ 60 = 6°