Swalwell Primary School

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Year 3 Home Learning 28.4.2020


Hi Year 3. Here are your jobs for today.


English: Read this extract from the story Egyptian Cinderella and then answer these questions in your home learning book using the PEE (Point, Example, Explain) paragraph. Use different colour pens like we do in class to help you.


Like the Egyptian servant girls, Rhodopis went to the water’s edge each day to wash clothes or to gather the reeds that grew along the riverbank but Rhodopis looked different to the Egyptian girls. Their eyes were brown and hers were green. Their hair hung straight to their shoulders  while the breeze blew hers into tangles. Their skin glowed like copper but her pale skin burned red beneath the sun. That was how she got her name, for Rhodopis meant ‘rosy-cheeked’ in Greek.


“Rosy Rhodopis!” scoffed the servant girls, hissing her name between their teeth. Rhodopis pretended not to hear but she blushed rosier than ever.


What is Rhodopis job?

Where does Rhodopis and the other servant girls wash the clothes?

How do the other girls feel about Rhodopis?

Why does the author compare the colour of the girls’ eyes?

Maths: Complete the maths question below.



Topic: Watch this video about the ancient Egyptians.

Compare life in Ancient Egypt to life now. What is similar? What is different?


Think about clothing, houses, jobs, land, rivers, weather, animals, travelling, inventions and any other things that are the same or different.


Have a nice day!

Miss Foster