Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 6 Home Learning Tuesday 19th May

Hello everyone. I wonder if the sun will shine for us today? I hope so, it will be lovely to get out into the garden and get some fresh air.


English – Reading plus for 15-30 mins

Purple Mash – spellings or grammar work (or both)

Maths – Comparing fractions again. Remember to draw the diagrams if it helps you.

I’ve also set some work on Purple Mash on fractions for you.


History – Last week we started looking at air raid shelters and linking this to the Blitz.

Carefully copy this link into Google – it will give you lots of information about Air Raid shelters. Use 2Write or your home learning book to write a non-chronological report about Air Raid shelters.

It’s up to you how you present it, remember images and diagrams are always useful to help explain and to add interest and colour. Think about how we have presented information in school using text boxes, double pages etc


PE – Head out into your garden or find a space inside of the house where you can design a warm up routine before exercise. Think about gradually increasing your heart rate and stretching your muscles. You could always think back to PE lessons in school. You could add your ideas into the comments so that we can all try out your ideas.


warm up is a gradual increase in intensity in physical activity (a “pulse raiser”), joint mobility exercise, and stretching, followed by the activity.


For example, before running or playing, athletes might slowly jog to warm their muscles and increase their heart rate.