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Swalwell Primary School seeks to ensure that all its pupils receive a full-time education which maximises opportunities for each pupil to realise his/her true potential.  The school will strive to provide a welcoming, caring environment, whereby each member of the school community feels wanted and secure. All school staff will work with pupils and their families to ensure each pupil attends school regularly and punctually.


We have effective systems of incentives and rewards that acknowledges the efforts of pupils to improve their attendance and timekeeping and will challenge the behaviour of those pupils and parents who give low priority to attendance and punctuality.

They include but are not limited to;

  • Firstly, we have the IN-TO-WIN reward in school. This is where, if your child is in school, on time, every day they will be entered into a prize draw at the end of the week for children to win a reward on a Friday afternoon.​ 6 children are picked weekly. 
  • Secondly, all children in school who achieve 100% attendance each half term will receive a gold certificate. Children who achieve over 95% will receive a silver certificate.​
  • Thirdly, when a full class has 100% at the end of a week in school, they have the opportunity to set Mrs Hocking a special challenge. Last year she played jellybean roulette! ​

  • Every day that children attend school, a raffle ticket with their name on goes into the tub. A winner will then be chosen each half term to win a very special prize. More days in, more chances to win!​






Average attendance is considered to be around 97% by the government. 


What is expected of pupils?


  • To respect themselves and others
  • To do all they can to attend school regularly and punctually
  • To inform a trusted adult if they feel that they are being bullied
  • To encourage friendship and a sense of belonging
  • To be happy and encourage others to feel happy


What is expected of Parents/ Carers?


  • To keep requests for their child to be absent to a minimum
  • To offer a reason, or medical proof, for any period of absence, preferably before the absence or on the first day of absence
  • To ensure that their child arrives at school on time, a reason should be offered for any lateness
  • To work closely with the school to resolve any problems that may impede a child’s attendance
  • To take family holidays during school holiday periods and be aware that requests for holidays during term time will be refused except in exceptional circumstances.
  • To be aware of curriculum requirements and be especially vigilant with regards to attendance during important academic times such as SATS
  • To support their child and recognise their successes and achievements


If needed, we have a Walking Bus for pupils. Staff will pick up children from their home address and walk them to school every day.  If you feel you sometimes struggle to get your child to school on time and feel your family could benefit from this support, please contact the school office.​


Absence for Holidays during Term Time


Research shows that missing school impacts on a child’s attainment levels and seriously affects his/her longer term life opportunities. The link between attendance and achievement is strong, and high levels of attendance at school should be a right for each child. A child who has 10 days holiday each year of his/her school life (and who has the normal amount of illness) will miss a full year of their education by the time they leave school.


From 1st September 2013, the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 change the previous rules about term-time holidays.


The 2013 regulations remove the provision for head teachers to grant up to 10 days absence in any school year for the purposes of a family holiday where there were special circumstances. Instead, the amendments specify that head teachers may not now grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are ‘exceptional circumstances’.


In practice this means that we will no longer be authorizing any family holidays in term time. If parents/ carers choose to take their child out of school then the absence will be recorded as ‘unauthorised’. This can lead to the involvement of the Local Authority and the possible issue of a ‘fixed penalty notice’ amounting to £60 per child per parent/carer which increases to £120 if not paid within the first 21 days. The Penalty Notice must be paid before 28 days. These have been introduced as part of the government’s drive to improve attendance.


Clearly, there are many situations which may constitute ‘exceptional circumstances’ and these will be considered on a case by case basis. Your support and understanding of these arrangements that we are obliged to follow is appreciated.


Please click the following link to download Swalwell Primary School’s Attendance Policy

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the Attendance Policy or your child’s attendance, please call school on 0191 433 4000.


More Information
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