Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Week 2 Tuesday home learning Year 1


Good morning!


Maths – Today can you look at the weight of different food in your house and then order it from the lightest to the heaviest. You can find the weight on tins, bags, packets and boxes. If you have scales at home you may want to try to weigh some different objects.


English – Yesterday you looked at what instructions sound like. Today I would like you to give an adult instructions to make a cup of tea. Remember to use the language ‘First, next, then, after that and finally’ so they know the order and don’t forget any of the steps or it won’t be very nice!


Story – The story we were focusing on in class was Jack and the Beanstalk, here you will find the whole story to watch.

DT/Art – Draw or make a castle that the giant would live. You could use Lego, crayons, cardboard boxes or any other objects you have around the home. I would love to see any of these on our school Facebook page if you want to upload them.


Phonics – Practise the two different codes for /or/

Spellings – Don’t forget I have set you spellings to practise on Spelling Shed. You could time yourself to see how many time you can write each word in 1 minute. The words are: looked, asked, could, house, friend, called, people, should, would, school.


Have a nice day!