Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Early Years Thursday 14.5.2020


Good morning everyone.


Today I would like us to think about using descriptive words. Ask your grown up if they can make a collection of objects in a bag that you can’t see through, you could use a pillow case if you don’t have a bag – make sure that all the objects are safe to hold. Without looking inside the bag put your hand in and feel one of the objects. I want you to describe how the object feels, is it smooth, bumpy, hard, soft, rough, warm, cold, round, flat, lumpy or something else, your grown up might be able to help you with some descriptive words if you get stuck. Once you have described the object have a go at guessing what it is. You could turn this in to a game with brothers, sisters or other grown ups. Take it in turns to describe the object that you can feel. The other person then needs to have a go at guessing what it is, the better descriptive words you use the easier it will be for someone to guess the object.


Have fun, but remember no peeking!