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Design and Technology



At Swalwell Primary School, our intent is to encourage children to become independent creative  problem solvers who persevere and evaluate their work. We are passionate about providing children with the opportunity to express themselves creatively and become inspired by great designers linked to the focus skill throughout each unit. These key skills are mapped out to ensure clear progression in five key elements of Design and Technology in both substantive and disciplinary knowledge. :

· Designing

· Making

· Evaluating

· Technical knowledge

· Cooking and nutrition


We believe it is vital to stimulate creativity and imagination in all children through an inclusive design and technology curriculum, providing tactile and sensory experiences which can be accessed by all learners.  






At Swalwell Primary School the Design and Technology curriculum has been devised to develop skills in the five key elements set out in the National Curriculum. Design and Technology is taught in discrete blocks throughout the year, so that children can achieve depth in their learning and skill development. Each week the children receive one taught session of DT for a minimum of one hour and lessons are structured  over a half term to develop the children’s substantive and disciplinary knowledge. For each unit, a knowledge organiser is produced which gives children key vocabulary, key knowledge and skills and a designer significant to the unit. All of this is displayed in the classroom to allow children to come back to it and reference during discussions. Each child has sketchbook where their skill development process is captured and built upon throughout each project. 





Pupil progress is assessed at the end of the unit of work by both the teacher and child. Children are encouraged to be reflective and evaluate their work in their art portfolios, focussing specifically on the implicit knowledge and skills that have been developed that unit.   


Please see the links for the schools Medium Term Plans and skill progression. If you would like any further information regarding our Design Technology curriculum then please contact the school.   




At Swalwell Primary School we believe that all children should be fully included and encouraged to become confident, creative problem solvers.  As such Design and Technology lessons are tailored to ensure all learners can reach their full potential whilst expressing themselves and becoming inspired by a range of great designers from around the world. Topics are planned with the intention of exploring one of the 5 key skills laid out and wherever possible, providing materials and models to support learners through a multi-sensory approach. Any printed materials will be adjusted to allow access to all, providing where possible, Zychem images to raise images and provide additional opportunity for touch for individuals that need it. Children will receive adult support when required to access the learning and as an inclusive school, Swalwell Primary School ensure all educational visits and group activities are carefully pre-planned to make certain that all children can access the experience.

Design and Technology Champions


We currently have 6 Design and Technology Champions, who support their peerspromote confidence within Design and Technology, discuss plans and ideas for the subject, share their views and help to deliver assemblies. 


Progression Map