Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 3 Home Learning 2.6.2020

Good Morning Year 3!


English: Read the instructions again and identify these features when you’re reading them. Heading, introduction, numbered points, time connectives (first, next, then…), Imperative verbs (Bossy verbs- put, take, clean, fill…)


Make a list in your home learning book of the imperative verbs that are used and the time connectives.


Explain why it is important that instructions are numbered and in a specific order.


Maths: Complete the questions below.



Topic: Research on the internet any Ancient Egyptian recipes. Ask an adult if you can follow one of the recipes and try the food.


Write in your Home Learning book what you liked or disliked about the food.


Remember if you’re baking to take lots of photos so we can look at what you’ve been doing when we’re back at school.



Miss Foster