Swalwell Primary School

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Year 3 Home Learning 30.4.2020

Morning Year 3!


English: Read your Character description that you wrote yesterday. Can you edit it? Check that it makes sense and that you have used punctuation. Check you have used expanded noun phrases, conjunctions and similes. If not, add them in to improve your writing



Maths: Complete the Part Whole models below.



Science: Today I would like you to investigate and make some observations. Record these in your home learning book.


Find two objects in your house that are different weights, one lighter object and one heavier object, and will not break if they are dropped. Check with an adult first.


Hold an item in each hand and hold your harms out. Then, at the same time,  let go of the objects and watch them fall. What do you notice? Do they fall at the same speed? Which object hits the floor first? Was it the heavier or the lighter item? Try it with other objects, does the same thing happen each time?

Watch this video about gravity. Click on the link below.

See if you can find out why this happens.


Then take your objects and line them up on the floor where you have space. Try to push each object with the same force across the space. What do you notice? Do all the objects travel the same distance? Do heavier or lighter items travel furthest? What do you notice about the material of the object and how far it has travelled?

Watch this video about friction. Click on the link below.


Can you write an explanation using the words force, gravity and friction to describe how the different items moved when you were making observations.


Have fun investigating!

Miss Foster