Swalwell Primary School

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Life Skills

At Swalwell Primary School we are committed to the holistic development of each child, developing the skills they need to succeed in life along with all children achieving their potential academically.


As part of our additional curriculum offer, each year group has a life skill curriculum which allows them the opportunity to develop and support the learning of these valuable skills. Whether it be learning to use a knife and fork or tying shoe laces, the children will be given the opportunity to develop these life long skills.


For some identified children in school, we deliver bespoke life skills lessons. During these weekly sessions children learn a range of skills that fall in to three categories: independent living in the home, health and wellbeing and employment and the wider world.


If you want to find our more about the skills the children will be learning, please see the documents below. Further information can be obtained from Mrs Leaver.


Life Skills Progression Map

Life Skills Medium Term Plan