Swalwell Primary School

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Christmas Cards and Gifts

At this time of year, we know children like to bring cards and gifts into school. As part of our ongoing COVID-19 risk assessment, we are trying to keep everyone safe but keep things as normal as possible.


Cards- We would like to suggest if children wish to send cards, that they send the whole class one Christmas card which can be displayed in the classroom rather than 30 individual cards. By doing this, it will prevent the need for children to pass paper between our class bubbles.


Gifts – We would like to suggest that parents/ carers donate to a local charity or the local Foodbank rather than a gift for the teacher/ teaching assistant. To ensure everyone’s safety, IF your child does choose to bring a gift into school, these gifts will be enjoyed after they are quarantined for 72hours.


Thank you for your understanding.

Swalwell Staff