Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 4 Home Learning Tuesday 12th May

Good morning everyone!


Here is your work for today:

English – Read the rest of the story below. Be warned – you might need some tissues

You can also watch the whole story again here:

Talk to an adult about the story – what do you think the message is? Why do you think the Swallow stayed with the Prince even though he knew he wouldn’t survive the winter?


This week you will be writing your own version of the Happy Prince. You might like to change some of the characters or some of the plot. Use today’s English lesson to think about what you might change about the story and what you might keep the same. You might like to start writing some of your ideas down or creating a storymap. Be as creative as you like – I know lots of you have much better ideas than me! Maybe you could change the setting of your story so that it is about your local area. Who might the statue in your story help and how? Writing down some of your ideas might help you to remember them for tomorrow’s lesson.


Maths – We are going to continue looking at bar charts and pictograms today.



Remember to look carefully at the scale of the pictogram. If one full circle = £100 then how can you find out what half a circle represents? Can you use this to find what a quarter represents and then 3 quarters? You will need to work this out before you answer the two questions.


Now try this challenge:



Think carefully about the scale of the bar chart. If each square represents 20, what would half a square represent?

Take your time with the questions as they are quite tricky. You might need to jot down some calculations in your home learning book to help you.