Swalwell Primary School

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Year 5 Mindfulness Senses Garden

This week, Year 5 completed their mindfulness sensory garden as part of the whole school gardening competition. We are absolutely thrilled with how our garden turned out and we are looking forward to looking after it over the next year.


Our garden is all about using your senses which is great for mindfulness! We created a different section for each of the 5 senses which include lots of exciting things.


See – In our see section, you might be able to spot some plant pot fairy houses, an oak tree and some beautiful bright flowers.


Hear – In the hear section of our garden, we planted lots of plants which attract bees and butterflies. We also made our own pinwheels and streamers.


Smell – Our smell section is filled with lots of amazing smelling herbs such as lavender, thyme and oregano!


Taste – We have planted carrots, radishes and lettuce and we can’t wait to taste them!


Feel – There are lots of things to feel in this section of the garden including pine cones, sand, and spiky plants. You can even play naughts and crosses with our painted stones!


We hope you enjoy looking at our garden as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Have a great half term everyone!


Year 5