Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 4 Home Learning Tuesday 24th March

Good Morning everyone!

I hope you all worked hard yesterday and found some time to relax too. It’s very strange not having you all in school!

Here is your home learning for today:

English – Last week we looked at the poem “The Sound Collector” and came up with ideas for our own rainforest version. Have a go at writing your own version of The Sound Collector, you can keep the first verse the same to help you get started. What sounds would you hear in the rainforest? e.g. the squawking of the parrot, the rushing of the waterfall, the buzzing of the bees.



Maths – Find some coins if you can. How much money do you have altogether? Can you use the coins to make different amounts? How many different ways can you make 50p? Remember to wash your hands well after handling money.

If you prefer, visit to play with virtual coins!

PE – Joe Wicks or Cosmic Kids yoga on Youtube

Art – Draw or paint a rainbow to display in your window to make people in your community smile.

Have a lovely day everyone!

Miss Grey