Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 6 Home Learning Week 2 Monday 30th March

Good morning everyone.


Hope that you all have had a great weekend.


Here’s a few things to keep you busy today.


English – Use your garden setting description from Friday to put an adult at home to the test! Can they find an adjective? A verb? A noun? Now for the real challenge, can they identify similes? Metaphors? Personification? If they can’t you will need to explain what they are to them.

Maths – Diagnostic Questions. I’ve added a few extra tasks, choose a couple of them to complete.

Geography – use Purple Mash to complete some of the tasks that I’ve set about Iceland.

PE – I want you to become the PE teacher today. Design your own warm up task to complete. Think about the type of activity that we do in school at the beginning of a lesson to gradually warm-up our muscles and to get them used to moving.


Have a good day.