Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Macro Photography

Miss Grey has been so impressed with Music and Art lessons this week! 


In Music, we discussed the meaning of the words 'rhythm' and 'pulse' and used this new knowledge to follow a piece of music on the handbells. I guarantee these new skills will be put to great use at some point over the rapidly approaching festive season! 


In our Art lessons, we created abstract pieces, inspired by Edward Weston, using macro photography. To do this, Miss Grey introduced us to a DSLR camera. This has to be one of our favourite Year 5 lessons yet! We spent time considering the lighting, background and composition to ensure we could capture the best quality photos we could. 


Next week, we are going to edit some of the photos we captured this week.


Mis Grey's questions of the week,

  • What was your favourite part of macro photography?
  • What is a mini health champion?
  • Which songs did you learn on the bells?