Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 6 Home Learning Week beginning 23rd March (updated for Fri)


Monday 23rd March


Hope that everyone is well.


A few little tasks to ease you into Home Learning this week. 


English: I want you to read for 10 – 15 mins this could be a book/magazine/newspaper or Reading Plus. 

Play a game with your family (e.g. Snakes and Ladders,  Connect 4, Monopoly, Noughts and Crosses) Write some instructions for how to play the game.


Maths: Learn the 7 times table, you can do this by writing it down (think of what we do in spellings), making up a song, testing yourself, asking someone to test you etc.

You also have Diagnostic Questions that you can go on and do the work that I’ve set there.

Check out Purple Mash lots of different activities on there for Science, History, Geography, Computing and Art.

Tuesday 24th March


Good morning everyone. Hope you’re all well and are chatting to your family as much as you usually chat to me!

Here’s your work for today.


Maths – Diagnostic questions

English – Reading for 30mins. Explain to someone at home what you have read.

PE– Use Youtube (Joe Wicks)

Art – Draw your favourite toy. It could be a cuddly toy, a football or even an X-Box. Look at it really carefully as you draw. Can you add all of the details including shading and light?


Wednesday 25th March

Good morning everyone, hope you’re ready to work today. I’m sure you’ll all enjoy the last lesson for today 

Maths – Write down all the different Metric measures that you can remember. (Clue: think length, mass and capacity) Look around your house, can you find an example of something that would be measured using that measurement?

e.g. metres – the length of my bedroom

English – Reading for 30mins. You could choose to read a book/newspaper/magazine. Explain to someone at home what you have read – give a summary.

Spelling – make spelling pyramids for the words: conscious, unconscious, conscience. Then get someone at home to test you on the words.

PSHE – What makes you happy? Make a list of everything that makes you happy. If you’re feeling worried or upset about anything use this list to remind you of all the happy things you have then go and talk to someone at home about how you’re feeling.

DT – Design a sandwich. What would be inside of it? What sort of bread? Would it just be your favourite fillings or are you adding anything unusual? Would it be sweet? savoury? You may be able to make your own sandwich but remember to ask first. 

Thursday 26th March

I hope everyone is well today. Are we all settling in to this new way of learning? I hope you’re making time to make memories with your family as well as taking time to keep up with your learning. 


Thursday 26th March

Maths – Diagnostic questions – choose from the many tasks that I’ve set or focus on a particular area of maths that you know that you need to practise.

English – Yesterday you read something as your task. Draw a new cover for that book/magazine/Reading Plus story. Remember that you need a title, an eye-catching cover, an author on the front. The back cover will be different you will need a blurb to explain part of what it is about, summarise it without giving away everything.

PE– Use Youtube (Joe Wicks)

Purple Mash – choose one of the activities that I have set for you on Geography (about the world – countries, climates, oceans etc)

Have fun everyone


Friday 27th March

Well we made it to Friday! Hope you all have a happy, safe day.

Maths – Make a poster to show someone all of the different Metric measures.

English – Sit in your garden (or look out of the window) for a few minutes. Make a list of everything you can see/hear/smell/feel/taste. Now write a setting description for your garden. Remember your choice of adjectives and verbs will create an atmosphere. Can you use similes, metaphors and personification?

Art – Draw what you see in your garden. Focus on shade and light.

Purple Mash – choose one of the activities that I have set for you on Computing.