Swalwell Primary School

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Year 3 Home Learning 24.4.2020

Good Morning Year 3!


Here are your tasks for today.


English: Listen to the story of the Egyptian Cinderella again and act out the story, you could ask an adult to video you doing this. Create a story map to show the main events.


Maths: Complete the maths questions below.



RE:  Watch this video about the Easter Story.

The Christian Story of Easter | Religions of the World

Suitable for teaching 5 to 7s. An animated clip narrating the Christian story of Easter. Subscribe for more Religious Studies clips from BBC Teach on Monday ...

Either explain to adult what you have learnt about the Christian festival or answer these questions in your Home Learning book:


  • What do Christians believe happened at Easter?
  • Why do you think Easter is such an important time for Christians?


Or you could create a story board or comic strip of the Easter story.


Enjoy the sunshine and have a lovely weekend!


Miss Foster