Swalwell Primary School

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Year 3 Home Learning 23.4.2020

Hi Year 3!


Here are your activities for today


English: Can you compare the similarities and differences between the Egyptian Cinderella and the traditional tale Cinderella. Think about the characters, the setting, the amin events. Write a bullet point of the similarities and the differences.


Maths: Measure and compare the heights of the people in your house. Work out who is the tallest and who is the shortest. You could ask them to lie down and roll out toilet paper to see how many sheets tall they are. Work out what is the difference between you and the tallest person in your house.



Science: Before half term we had been learning about forces. Watch these videos about magnets and play the games.


Use a fridge magnet to identify magnetic item around your house by seeing which items it is attracted to and will stick to. Make a list of the items that are magnetic and the items that are not magnetic.


Here are some other videos that you might find interesting:


Have a great day!

Miss Foster