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Year 4 Home Learning Thursday 14th May

Good morning everyone! 


Well done for your excellent Maths and Science work yesterday. I was very impressed with your explanations of high and low sounds!


Here is your work for today:


English – Use the plan you made yesterday to start writing your story. You will have the rest of the week to finish this story so don’t rush it. Today, I would concentrate on writing a good opening to engage your reader. Remember a good opening will:


  • Introduce the setting using lots of descriptive language. Think about the senses – what can you hear, see and smell? Can you use a simile or expanded noun phrase?
  • Introduce the main character – who are they? What do they look like?
  • Introduce your second character – think about the conversation the two characters might have.


Here is an opening that I have written. You could use it to help you write your own opening.


High above the bustling streets, on a tall marble column, stood the statue of the Happy Prince. He was covered in bright, expensive gold from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. His eyes were sapphires, as blue as a clear sky and he clutched a strong sword in his left hand. The Prince had stood there, alone, for many years looking down on the city below.


One clear night, the Prince’s life changed forever. Swooping across the moonlit sky, a little swallow saw a resting place in the distance.  The swallow nestled his wings between the Prince’s feet and settled for the night. Beneath them, the cobbled streets grew quiet, water trickled from the stone fountain and the smell of baking bread filled the air. Just as the Swallow closed his eyes, a drop of water fell on his head. The Swallow looked up and soon realised that the drop of water was not rain but in fact, the Happy Prince was crying.

“Why are you crying?” asked the Swallow, curiously.


The Happy Prince explained, “When I was alive, my life was full of amazing things. I never knew suffering. But now I have spent many years looking down on this city and I have seen what really goes on. I wish I could help people!”


Maths – Look at the pictogram or bar chart you created yesterday and answer the questions below. I have included an excellent example of a bar chart created on Purplemash yesterday.


  1. Which animal was the most common?
  2. Which animal was the least common?
  3. How many more pigeons were there than dogs?
  4. How many cats and squirrels were there altogether?
  5. What was the difference in number between ducks and cats?
  6. Now write 2 of your own questions about this data.



Music – Explore rhythm, pulse and melodies by creating your own music on Purplemash. Watch the videos by clicking the play button in the top right corner to help you. When you are happy with your music, make sure to save it so I can have a listen!


PSHE – We have now been learning from home for a long time. This is a strange situation that none of us are used to – not even your teachers. Over the last few weeks, you might have had lots of different emotions. Some of these feelings might have been positive and some might have been negative. All of these feelings are ok and totally normal. Some days I have got lots of work done, done lots of exercise and felt very happy. Other days, I have been very tired and feeling a little bit sad. It is important to recognise how you are feeling as this will help you to deal with it. For PSHE today, I would like you to talk to someone you trust, this could be a parent, grandparent, sibling or anyone else in your life. Spend a few minutes without any distractions (TV, phones etc) talking about how you feel today. How did you feel yesterday? Think about what you could do if you felt worried, sad, anxious etc. What would you do to help somebody else if they felt these emotions? You don’t have to write any of these ideas down unless you want to. You might want to end your discussion with a peace out.

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Have a great day!


Miss Grey