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At Swalwell Primary school, children gain a firm understanding of what music is through listening, singing, playing, evaluating and composing across a wide variety of historical periods, styles, traditions, and musical genres. We are committed to ensuring children understand the value and importance of music to their own and others’ lives and wellbeing and also the impact music has in the wider community. All children have access to music regardless of their academic ability, race, ethnicity, background and language. SEND pupils are actively encouraged to participate fully as music is often an area of the curriculum which allows them to express themselves creatively.




The music curriculum ensures children sing, listen, play, perform and evaluate. This is embedded in the classroom activities as well as the weekly singing assemblies, school performances, visiting concerts and the learning of instruments. Through the Kapow music curriculum, teachers are able to produce inclusive lessons for all children to access the musical curriculum in a fun and engaging way, further promoting a love of learning. Kapow lessons are planned in sequences to provide children with the opportunities to review, remember, deepen and apply their understanding. All children also take part in a unit of work on the BBC ten pieces where they use a piece of classical music as a stimulus for discuss, inquiry, learning about different instruments and key composers.


Children are taught to playing a variety of instruments and this enables children to use a range of methods to create notes, as well as how to read basic music notation. They also learn how to compose, focusing on different dimensions of music, which in turn feeds their understanding when listening, playing, or analysing music. Composing or performing using body percussion and vocal sounds is also part of the curriculum, which develops the understanding of musical elements without the added complexity of an instrument. Children in LKS2 are given music tuition for the ukulele by the Gateshead music service.




Through the child’s journey at Swalwell Primary School, their musical skills and understanding are built on year on year, from singing simple songs from memory and performing simple rhythm patterns in KS1, to more advanced techniques skills, and understanding and learning a musical instrument in lower KS2, further developing in upper KS2 where the children have the ability to read and follow a simple musical score. Throughout all of this the child’s enjoyment of music is a key element, running alongside the ‘taught’ musical skills and objectives.




At Swalwell we believe that music is a subject that provides all children with an opportunity to express themselves and as such all children are fully included in all musical opportunities. We liaise with specialist SEN music teachers to support our delivery of instrument based lessons and have access to modified equipment through Gateshead Music Service when required. Lessons are delivered in a way to meet the needs of all children, using a combination of teaching methods to ensure that all children are able to access learning and are engaged in the topic. Any printed material will be adjusted to allow access to all, such as increasing font size or changing backgrounds. Children will receive adult support when required to access the learning and technology is made good use of to allow access for all through personal IPADs for those who require them.


Please see the links for the schools Medium Term Plan and skill progression. If you would like any further information regarding our Music curriculum then please contact the school. In the academic year 2023 - 2024 we will follow cycle 2 of our curriculum. 

Music Champions


We currently have 6 Music Champions, who support their peerspromote confidence within Music, discuss plans and ideas for the subject, share their views and help to deliver assemblies. 



Long Term Plan