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Year 3 Home Learning 19.5.2020

Hi Year 3!

Here is your work for today.

English: Watch the video below about Tadeo Jones. He is an explorer inside an Egyptian pyramid.

Imagine you are the explorer and act out what happens when he explores the pyramid. Think about what you can see, hear and how you would be feeling if you were in the pyramid on your own.

Draw a story map or an actual map of his journey through the pyramid.

Make a list a of all of everything the explorer in the video can see, every noise that he can hear and make a list of the emotions that he feel when exploring the cave.

Maths: Look at the picture and answer the questions below.



Explain how you know.


Choose two of these options to practise your 4 times table.


  • Make your own hopscotch or snake like in the questions and say the calculation out loud as you jump on it.
  • Play on mathshed
  • Play Hit the Button
  • Play your matching game from your home learning pack.


Topic: Archaeologists learnt a lot about what life was like for the people living in Ancient Egypt from the items that they discovered in the pyramids. Imagine you are an archaeologist and have just discovered these items in a pyramid.

Answer these questions about each item.


  • What is it?
  • Who do you think it would have belonged to?
  • What would it have been used for?
  • What does it tell us about the Ancient Egyptians?


Miss Foster