Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 3 and 4 Home Learning 11.6.2020





English: Reads the story starter below.


This place had once been filled with noise, thousands upon thousands of excited fans cheering as they applauded ‘the beautiful game’ being played in front of them. Now, all that remained were memories. Would this place ever be restored to its former glory?


Finish writing the story, try to include the adjectives from your sentences yesterday.


Think about what is going to happen to the stadium? Is someone going to find it? What will they do?


Remember to read your work once you have finished and check you have included punctuation.


Maths: Complete the Power Up Maths challenge.



Music: Watch the video below about pitch and melody.


Try these activities.


  1. The ’melody’ is the tune, or the bit that you hum or sing. Try making your own melody now! First, think of a pitch in your mind…. got it? Now, try singing the words in this sentence, using the pitch that you thought of: “We are making melodies”
  2. Add another pitch or two to make your melody more interesting? Think of your original pitch again, then think of a higher one, and then a lower one. You should now have three pitches in your mind. Can you use these to make a new melody for “We are making melodies”?

3. Have a go at writing your own melody and lyrics. To start, think of a sentence or two that you want to sing; it can be about a family member, a friend, your favourite food, whatever you like! When you’ve got it, think of some lovely pitches to go with your words, and you’re on your way to making your own melody!

You could even try making your own percussion instrument to accompany you when you sing your melody. Look at the pictures below for some ideas.