Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 6 Home Learning Wednesday 13th May


Good morning.

Today would have been the first of our maths tests! In fact we would have had 2 tests today.

English – Reading plus today. Read for 30mins.

Maths – Today I would like you to continue to practise adding and subtracting fractions but we’ll do something a little different. Today, I want you to use BBC Bitesize. Carefully copy this link into Google or search for BBC Daily Bitesize Y6 Add and subtract fractions.

There’s a video to watch and 4 questions for you to try.


History/DT – Yesterday, I asked you to find out about how to keep safe when bombs were dropped. The British had air raid shelters, a siren would sound to make sure everyone knew that planes were approaching and they then had to run and hide in an air raid shelter. Some gardens had air raid shelters, in London people often used to hide underground in the Tube stations. Some people didn’t have an air raid shelter and so they used to hide under the stairs or under the kitchen table!


Your job today (and possibly another day depending upon how ambitious you are) is to build an air raid shelter!


You could make a model out of cardboard, papier mache, Plasticine, Lego or surprise me with something else – ask permission first before taking things to use!