Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Police Officers in Nursery!

We are very proud of how our Nursery children have settled so well into life at Swalwell over the last two weeks. Miss Mabon and Mrs Vanner are very excited for the year ahead!


In our Nursery class this week, we have been really interested in being police officers! On Monday, we decided to transform a cardboard box into a police car and decorate it. We have had so much fun dressing up and riding around in our very own police car. It can be quite difficult to move when we have two of our officers in the car but we have shown excellent teamwork and communication skills to manoeuvre the car where we needed it go. We have also been writing the names of the naughty boys and girls who our officers caught as well as handing out parking tickets - Miss Mabon and Mrs Vanner even got one!