Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 1 Homelearning 7.5.2020


Hi Year 1, I hope you are all staying safe.


English – Today I would like you to write invitations for people to attend your VE day party. Don’t forget to put their name, the time and if there is a dress code.


Maths – Today we are going to look at telling the time to the half hour. Read the explanation of the hands and then tell the time on the two clocks. You can practise this skill throughout the day by looking at what time you do things.

DT – After VE Day, people were awarded medals to thank them for their service during the Second World War. The colour ribbons of each medal weren’t just chosen at random – they each had a significance and were designed by King George VI himself!
I would like you to design your own medals for bravery. Think about the colour of the ribbons and what would be on each side of the medal. You may even want to make your medals out of salt dough or using cardboard.



Phonics – Continue to practise the two new pieces of code for /ai/. /a/ as in table and a split digraph /a_e/ as in ape. A split digraph means the two letters will be split up by another letter and not sit together. You can practise these codes on Level 5 Book 25.