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Year 3 Home Learning 12.5.2020

Good Morning Year 3

English: Read the information about the Egyptians below and then answer these questions. Use different pens to write a PEE (Point, Example, Explain) paragraph to explain fully. Click on the picture to see it full size.



  • What does the author mean by ‘fertile soil’?
  • Find a word in the paragraph ‘Black land’ which means the same as fine sand or rock.
  • If you could choose to live in the black land or the red land, which area would you choose and why?
  • Why do you think so many Egyptian people chose to live so close to the banks of the River Nile?
  • Why do you think the Egyptian people needed to protect themselves from enemies?
  • Why was the river Nile so important in Ancient Egyptian life?
  • Explain what a Shaduf is.
  • How does the illustration help you to understand the text better?


Spelling: Learn these spellings. Practise counting out the syllables, rainbow writing, pyramid words, playing spelling relay and speed write the words as many times as you can in one minute.

Myth, gym, Egypt, pyramid, mystery

Maths: Today I would like you to practise your 4 times table. Use the grid below to help you count in fours.



Fill in the missing numbers from the sequence counting in 4s. Click on it to see full size.



You could create your own hopscotch counting in 4s and practise counting as you hop across it!



Art: This week you have done some great work all about the River Nile. I would love you to do some art work inspired by this. Choose which skill you would like to work on and then decide how you could do this. Be creative and use your imagination. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Here are some ideas for different skills:




  • Practise drawing a river scene using perspective – this is when you make your drawing look more realistic and 3D. There are some videos below that might help you. If you want to draw the River Nile in particular, think about drawing the pyramids or some farmland around your river.
  • Choose an animal that you might find in the River Nile and draw a picture of it. There is another video below which might help.


Follow the links below to these videos below to help you improve your drawing skills as they give you step by step instructions and tips!

How to draw mountains and rivers:

How to draw easy scenery:

How to draw a realistic crocodile:



  • Make a model of the River Nile. Always ask an adult before you use any materials from around the house.
  • Bake something to represent the River Nile – can you believe one of the pictures below is made from cake?!

Have a great day!

Miss Foster