Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 6 home learning Thursday 27th March

I hope everyone is well today. Are we all settling in to this new way of learning? I hope you’re taking time to make memories with your family as well as time to keep up with your learning.


Maths – Diagnostic questions – choose from the many tasks that I’ve set or focus on a particular area of maths that you know that you need to practise.

English – Yesterday you read something as your task. Draw a new cover for that book/magazine/Reading Plus story. Remember that you need a title, an eye-catching cover, an author on the front. The back cover will be different you will need a blurb to explain part of what it is about, summarise it without giving away everything.

PE– Use Youtube (Joe Wicks)

Purple Mash – choose one of the activities that I have set for you on Geography (about the world – countries, climates, oceans etc)


Have fun everyone