Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 6 Home Learning Thursday 7th May

VE Day preparations today!

Lots of activities for you to do at home if you can to help celebrate VE Day tomorrow.


Maths – Code breaking!


This is a bit like algebra, symbols to represent something else, in this case letters.


During the war we used lots of codes to send messages, some of them were very difficult to follow so that if the message fell into enemy hands they couldn’t read it! Today we’re going to learn Morse code, this is still used today.



Using this code can you decode these messages?

Now for the challenge. Can you make up your own Morse code message?



If you want to you can also use a torch to send your signal – short and long flashes of light or use a buzzer or just make a ‘beep’ noise!


Food Technology/English


Make a wartime recipe.


Rationing was in place during WW2 and so many ingredients were hard to find. Why not try some of these or just have a go at making scones or a cake with adults at home. Reading and following instructions is a difficult skill!

Art/DT – Finish making your bunting and posters to decorate your house tomorrow.