Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Having fun with Wheels!

Jayne from Active Travel was with Year 6 across 3 days having fun with everything to do with wheels!


She started on Wednesday as Dr Bike, checking all bikes brought into school and ensuring that they were roadworthy and safe, small repairs she was able to do and any larger faults were noted and passed to parents.


On Thursday, she returned and looked carefully at the parts of a bike, after this the class got crafty and made their own bikes using art straws. Later, she took pupils with scooters and wheelchairs outside to learn how to use them safely and play some games.


Friday saw Jayne return. This time she brought cycling maps of Gateshead and pupils looked at compass directions and 4-figure grid references. Afterwards, those pupils with bikes and trikes went outside to practise cycling safely as well as having a few fun games.