Swalwell Primary School

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Year 4 Home Learning Friday 15th May

Good morning everyone 


Well done for your fantastic Science work this week, I have been very impressed with the explanations I have received.


Here is your work for today:


English – Continue writing your version of the Happy Prince. Remember to read over what you have already written so that you know where to start. The next part of your story should include:


  • Dialogue between the Prince and the Swallow or whichever characters you have chosen
  • Descriptive language (similes, powerful adjectives)
  • Expanded noun phrases e.g. The Swallow plucked the shimmering ruby from the tip of the golden sword.
  • Fronted adverbials e.g. Down below, Early the next morning, Feeling worried,
  • Paragraphs


Here is the next part of my story which you can use to help you:


Beneath the golden figure, a young boy was lying sick in his bed with no food to eat.

“Swallow, little Swallow, take the ruby from my sword and give it to this boy, he needs it more than I do,” spoke the Prince.


Reluctantly, the Swallow plucked the ruby from the sword and swooped down towards the old, stone building. After dropping the precious gem on the windowsill, the Swallow returned to the prince. The new friends watched as the boy’s face filled with joy. A warm feeling filled Swallow’s heart.

Early the next morning, the Swallow planned for his journey home to Egypt. As he prepared to fly, the Prince spoke to him again.


“In the streets below, there is a girl selling books to buy food, she is very hungry,” he said, filled with sorrow. “Please, take the sapphire from my eye and take it to her,”


Maths – Have a look at the questions below. Record your answers in your home learning book.




Art /DT – Over the last few weeks we have been learning about farming in Ancient Egypt. You may have learnt about the shaduf which was a device they used to water their land. If not, read about it here


Today, I would like you to design your own shaduf. Sketch and label your design and think carefully about which materials you will need. You can collect these materials through the week ready to make your shaduf next Friday.


Here are some examples: