Swalwell Primary School

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Year 1 Homelearning 14.5.2020

Hi Year 1,

Phonics – We know /ee/ as in eel, /ea/ as in eat , /ey/ as in donkey, /e/ as in me, /ie/ as in shield and today’s code is a split digraph /e_e/ as in compete. Remember a spit digraph means the two letters will be split up by another letter. What words can you find that have the /e_e/ code? Where do we find that code? Remember you can practise using Book 25 on



English – We have been looking at question marks and exclamation marks. Can you add the correct punctuation to these sentences?


  • Help, I can see a crocodile
  • What is a crocodile
  • I hate crocodiles
  • Look out it’s behind you
  • Where has the crocodile gone


Maths – Try these calendar questions. Practise the months of the year. DO you know how many days are in each month? Is there a rhyme you could use to help you?

PSHE – The story is called ‘Open Very Carefully’ and this is because crocodiles can be dangerous. What else can be dangerous? How can we keep ourselves safe? Can you draw a picture with labels or make a poster on PurpeMash to show me how to stay safe?


PE – It is the last part of the dance routine today which can be found here: 

Have a wonderful day!
Mrs Leaver