Swalwell Primary School

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Visiting Washington Wetland Centre

On Wednesday, we visited Washington Wetland Centre to take part in Generation Wild: Ava's Destiny.

We met Ava, a life-size puppet, in her giant nest. She challenged us to discover the secrets of her story from the animals and birds that live in the centre. She designed magical listening devices that enabled us to hear what they are saying and they revealed secrets about themselves and Ava. 

The visit culminated when we helped Ava to fly. She disappeared into the distance as she began her long journey to West Africa where she hoped to be re-united with her family. There, she will also have the chance to present to the Guardians of the Wild, a council of animals that protect nature.


After our adventures with Ava, we were able to walk around the centre to explore. We all enjoyed watching the bird feeders and listening to the amazing birdsongs.


The highlight of our visit was definitely seeing the otters.